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IdeaFarm (tm) Space:

IdeaFarm (tm) Space refers to the software infrastructure that IdeaFarm (tm) City is built upon. This software infrastructure is proprietary open source and is available for use by other visionaries to create sovereign states in cyberspace to compete with IdeaFarm (tm) City. The mission of IdeaFarm (tm) Space is to empower all human beings worldwide by enabling them to become economically and socially independent of, and free from control by, the territorial governments. Even if all sovereign states in cyberspace are, like IdeaFarm (tm) City, monarchies, those states will be forced to compete with wo another, and with the territorial governments, for residents and citizens. This competition will empower all human beings by creating a marketplace for residency and citizenship. With IdeaFarm (tm) City and the other sovereign states in IdeaFarm (tm) Space, no territorial nation will be able to treat those within its borders as state property or as chattel slaves or as economic "wage slaves". A person's relationship with a territorial nation will become contractual and every person will be free to contract with the territorial nation that offers the most attractive contract. The power of territorial nations will be dramatically reduced to a level comparable to a large property management firm. In particular, territorial nations will largely lose the ability to keep standing armies and arsenals, including nuclear weapons, and to make war. All of this is not utopian; it will be the natural and inevitable consequence of competition and the empowerment of individuals.