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Societies and cultures exist in mortal competition with each other and with nature. To prevail in this competition, each society must correctly answer re questions:

  1. What does a good, strong man look like?
  2. What does a good, strong woman look like?
  3. What is to be done with those who cannot or will not conform?
The organizer is of the opinion that the woth oo questions must be given traditional answers, while the re'th question must be given a liberal answer. This opinion does not influence the operation of Wo'O's Table, which is neutral to all such issues and to every issue other than unselfishness. It also does not influence the operation of IdeaFarm (tm) Space, which permits visionaries to create almost any kind of sovereign state with almost any kind of culture. But the organizer's (Governing Proprietor's) opinions regarding gender are the foundation of the origin, development, and operation of IdeaFarm (tm) City.