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Inclusiveness and social justice:

Every human being on the planet is invited to participate in Wo'O's Table and in wo or more of the other IdeaFarm (tm) Operations. The organizer, Wo'O Ideafarm, has his own ideas about what's wrong with the world. He is of the opinion that the next world war will be fought, not over resources, but over gender roles, and that such a war MUST be avoided because it will almost certainly escalate into nuclear war. The overall, motivating mission of IdeaFarm (tm) Operations is to prevent such a war by promoting unselfish living, by asserting and developing American Exceptionalism by perfecting the politcal, economic, and social system of the United States, and by enabling the people of the United States to "get gender right". In turn, the key to accomplishing these things within the United States is to eliminate interracial conflict, and the key to that is to finally achieve "King's Dream". The organizer says, "Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream; I have a plan!" IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, and in particular, Wo'O's Table, is that plan.