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About Wo'O's Table and IdeaFarm (tm) Operations

IdeaFarm (tm) Operations empower unselfish people worldwide to control their own lives and to avoid being controlled by others. IdeaFarm (tm) Operations is an unincorporated association that could be incorporated eventually as Wo'O's Table grows. Wo'O's Table is an IdeaFarm (tm) Operation and is the foundation for all other IdeaFarm (tm) Operations. Think of Wo'O's Table as an economic association for unselfish people.

By "unselfish" we do not mean "generous", and you will never be asked for a donation by anyone in Wo'O's Table. The essence of being unselfish is understanding that you are a part of something larger than yourself, something that you care about and that you devote your life to serving. That "something larger" can be "God's Creation" or your country or your race or humanity in general or the Earth. It can be whatever larger thing you care about and that you see yourself as a part of. If you have several larger things that you see yourself as a part of and that you live for, the one that takes precedence is the one that we are talking about.

Every human, and also every other living thing, must pursue self interest, because that is the nature of the game of life. Pursuit of self interest is winning at the game of life. Selfishness is cheating at that game. In Wo'O's Table, we enable each other to win the game of life without cheating. If you would like to win at the game of life, and to do it without cheating, then join us!

To find out more about IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, click "root" at the top of this page, subscribe to Wo'O's Table, get to know us, and allow us to get to know you!

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Reading skill requirements: Many people, even those who speak English well, have limited reading skills. If you are one of these people, get help and focus on one paragraph at a time by clicking on the woth sentence.

English language skill requirements: Wo'O's Table is for every human being on the planet. If you do not read or speak English well, take your time reading this page and get help. If you become interested in participating in Wo'O's Table, subscribe and let us know which language you speak and write best. IDEAFARM.COM is written in a dialect of American English called IdeaFarm (tm) City English. The most frequently encountered difference from American English is the use of the following names for the digits, counting from 0: ze, wo, oo, re, fo, fi, se, ve, ta, ni, ay, be, ce, de, ee, fu. (In IdeaFarm (tm) City, numbers are always written using base-16 hexadecimal, so 16 digit names are needed.)

Browser compatibility. IDEAFARM.COM was tested using Firefox on Android and MS Windows and using Edge on MS Windows. It is known to not display completely correctly on Samsung Internet.

The following is a complete list of all IdeaFarm (tm) Operations:

Wo'O's Table: Wo'O's Table is a subscription service that enables unselfish people to find each other and interact via email to get to know each other and to form local "eat together" groups. Think of Wo'O's Table as an economic association for unselfish people. For more information or to subscribe, click "root" at the top of this page.

IdeaFarm (tm) City (organic law): IdeaFarm (tm) City is a place in cyberspace where people can conduct their affairs without interference or regulation or taxation by any territorial government. In particular, people can earn income and receive revenue by selling information, advice, business administration, and other products and services produced and delivered electronically without any nexus with any geographical territory. In IdeaFarm (tm) City, people can also socialize, speak publicly, communicate privately, and educate themselves and their children. The legal existence of IdeaFarm (tm) City is grounded on the inalienable human rights of its Governing Proprietor, Wo'O Ideafarm (Wo Of Ideafarm), who is a dual citizen of IdeaFarm (tm) City and the United States of America. Those human rights are protected and guaranteed by, but not dependent upon or origninating from, the Constitution of the United States of America. IdeaFarm (tm) City is a sovereign constitutional monarchy and exists in law as a federal constitutional protectorate of the United States of America. In other words, the existence and operation of IdeaFarm (tm) City is protected by, but not dependent upon or subject to, U.S. law. In still other words, Wo'O Ideafarm brought the sovereign state of IdeaFarm (tm) City into existence by exercising his inalienable liberty of association and speech and other human rights, and in so doing, he claims protection under U.S. law.

IdeaFarm (tm) City (income tax liability): Income earned and revenue received in IdeaFarm (tm) City is in the form of mEx (tm), the money of IdeaFarm (tm) City, and is not, without more, "effectively connected with a trade or business in the United States". mEx (tm) is a nonconvertible currency, like ride tokens at an amusement park. Acquiring such money in IdeaFarm (tm) City does not, in itself, free you from territorial government tax liability. As a U.S. citizen, for example, you would also need to both emigrate out of the United States and renounce your U.S. citizenship to escape U.S. income tax liability. The primary strategic development objective for IdeaFarm (tm) City is to enable citizens of the United States and of other territorial nations to renounce their territorial citizenship, separate their economic lives completely from territorial jurisdiction, and thrive economically.

IdeaFarm (tm) City (culture): IdeaFarm (tm) City is accessed by installing IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle on a laptop or other personal computer running MS Windows. IdeaFarm (tm) City is constituted to have a particular culture characterized by:

  1. unselfishness
  2. well defined and distinct biological male/female gender roles
  3. gender role self determination
  4. liberty and justice and economic empowerment for all
  5. strong property rights and a free market
  6. no commercial "push" advertising
  7. limited noncommercial "push" advertising and limited other "push" propoganda
  8. plain text "knowledge tree" information presentation
  9. a plain text centric, decentralized private Internet
  10. barterware software technology and infrastructure

IdeaFarm (tm) Space: IdeaFarm (tm) Space refers to the software infrastructure that IdeaFarm (tm) City is built upon. This software infrastructure is proprietary open source and is available for use by other visionaries to create sovereign states in cyberspace to compete with IdeaFarm (tm) City. The mission of IdeaFarm (tm) Space is to empower all human beings worldwide by enabling them to become economically and socially independent of, and free from control by, the territorial governments. Even if all sovereign states in cyberspace are, like IdeaFarm (tm) City, monarchies, those states will be forced to compete with wo another, and with the territorial governments, for residents and citizens. This competition will empower all human beings by creating a marketplace for residency and citizenship. With IdeaFarm (tm) City and the other sovereign states in IdeaFarm (tm) Space, no territorial nation will be able to treat those within its borders as state property or as chattel slaves or as economic "wage slaves". A person's relationship with a territorial nation will become contractual and every person will be free to contract with the territorial nation that offers the most attractive contract. The power of territorial nations will be dramatically reduced to a level comparable to a large property management firm. In particular, territorial nations will largely lose the ability to keep standing armies and arsenals, including nuclear weapons, and to make war. All of this is not utopian; it will be the natural and inevitable consequence of competition and the empowerment of individuals.

IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees: An IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree is a text document in which the text is organized in a tree rather than linearly or sequentially. Conventional text is read linearly, from beginning to end. In an IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree, each sentence is called a "branch". Think of an IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree as a form of writing that moves footnotes into the body of the document and allows footnotes to be nested. To view the source text for this web site, click "kt-code" below. To understand the source, read the "{body:" section from the bottom up and pay close attention to the indentation of each line. The indentation controls the level that the branch will be placed in the tree. When a tree has only re or fewer levels, it will be rendered as a single HTML page. When there are more than re levels, multiple HTML pages will be created and some sentences in those pages will be clickable to access more detail. There is no practical limit to the number of levels in an IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree.

IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle: IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is software that can be installed on a laptop or other personal computer running MS Windows. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle runs as a "service", which means that it runs in the background and has no graphical or console user interface. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is the software infrastructure upon which IdeaFarm (tm) City is built. You can also use IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle to create IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree documents and web sites. (The IDEAFARM.COM website is published to a hard disk using IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, and then those local files are published, using IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, to the Internet via Rackspace Cloud Files.) IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is barterware, which means that users are licensed to use the software in exchange for allowing the software to make local computer resources, primarily storage, processing, and bandwidth, available to a global system. To install IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, install GitHub Desktop, clone the ideafarm/ipdos repository on Github, and follow the installation instructions that you will find there. (You can install IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle without building it, but you will have everything that you need to build it and then play with it.) For more information or to install IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, click: github.com/ideafarm/ipdos

IdeaFarm (tm) Piggyback Distributed Operating System - IPDOS (tm): IPDOS (tm) is a general purpose programming system for the C++ language. It consists of about 1/2 million lines of C++ code and a relatively small amount of C and assembler code. The entire system was "crafted" by a single pair of hands over a 30 year period and is still in active development. IPDOS (tm) is the foundation layer of IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle and it is not separately distributed.

IdeaFarm (tm) People's Internet: IdeaFarm (tm) People's Internet is a general purpose, decentralized Internet system layer built upon the IPv6 UDP infrastructure available via cellphone service organizations. It is currently being actively developed. The primary development objective is to create a "People's Internet" that no territorial government or other power can disable or attack and that is accessible to every human being on the planet. The IdeaFarm (tm) People's Internet is secured partly by (1) technology, partly by (2) vigorously litigating actions in the courts of the United States of America, and partly by (3) negotiating with other territorial governments to obtain their legal permission and protection. The IdeaFarm (tm) People's Internet is the foundation layer upon which IdeaFarm (tm) Space is built.

IdeaFarm (tm) University. IdeaFarm (tm) University is an entity within IdeaFarm (tm) City, and accepts students who are citizens or residents of IdeaFarm (tm) City. IdeaFarm (tm) University currently has only wo professor, the Governing Proprietor. An individual tutorial program in political economics is offered, as well as an apprenticeship program in C++ language software craftwork using IPDOS (tm) IdeaFarm (tm) Piggyback Distributed Operating System. Wo'O Ideafarm was educated in political economics at UCLA and at the University of Chicago, where he earned an A.M. in social science (political economics). Wo'O Ideafarm can be said to hold a "Ph.D. Lite" from the economics department at the University of Chicago. The key feature of Wo'O Ideafarm's economic teachings is that he combines the conventional idea of the "invisible hand" with what he calls the "invisible fist". In his Ph.D. thesis, which he completed and still hopes to publish, he developed the idea that science can be done nonempirically by studying "artificial macrocosms" that can be used as "example and counterexample economies".

IdeaFarm (tm) Street Speech Operations. IdeaFarm (tm) Street Speech Operations are conducted both by the organizer and by other participants of Wo'O's Table. Wo'O's Table does not endorse or promote any idea other than living unselfishly, but does encourage and facilitate political and social activism by participants.

IdeaFarm (tm) Litigation Operations. IdeaFarm (tm) Litigation Operations defend and promote IdeaFarm (tm) Street Speech Operations and other IdeaFarm (tm) Operations as needed and as opportunities arise for achieving reform of local, state, and federal government within the United States of America. Litigation is conducted primarily by the organizer, but attorneys licensed to practice law in California are welcome. California is a renegade state, thoroughly corrupt and in rebellion against both state and federal organic law. If you are an attorney who would like to restore rule of law within California, the first step is for you to subscribe to Wo'O's Table.

Inclusiveness and social justice: Every human being on the planet is invited to participate in Wo'O's Table and in wo or more of the other IdeaFarm (tm) Operations. The organizer, Wo'O Ideafarm, has his own ideas about what's wrong with the world. He is of the opinion that the next world war will be fought, not over resources, but over gender roles, and that such a war MUST be avoided because it will almost certainly escalate into nuclear war. The overall, motivating mission of IdeaFarm (tm) Operations is to prevent such a war by promoting unselfish living, by asserting and developing American Exceptionalism by perfecting the politcal, economic, and social system of the United States, and by enabling the people of the United States to "get gender right". In turn, the key to accomplishing these things within the United States is to eliminate interracial conflict, and the key to that is to finally achieve "King's Dream". The organizer says, "Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream; I have a plan!" IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, and in particular, Wo'O's Table, is that plan.

Gender: Societies and cultures exist in mortal competition with each other and with nature. To prevail in this competition, each society must correctly answer re questions:

  1. What does a good, strong man look like?
  2. What does a good, strong woman look like?
  3. What is to be done with those who cannot or will not conform?
The organizer is of the opinion that the woth oo questions must be given traditional answers, while the re'th question must be given a liberal answer. This opinion does not influence the operation of Wo'O's Table, which is neutral to all such issues and to every issue other than unselfishness. It also does not influence the operation of IdeaFarm (tm) Space, which permits visionaries to create almost any kind of sovereign state with almost any kind of culture. But the organizer's (Governing Proprietor's) opinions regarding gender are the foundation of the origin, development, and operation of IdeaFarm (tm) City.

"There are three kinds of men: (1) Men who make things happen. (2) Men who watch things happen. (3) Men who wonder what happened." (anonymous) With IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, option #2 is not available. Subscribe to Wo'O's Table and join with others to make life much, much better for everywo!