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About IdeaFarm (tm) City

IdeaFarm (tm) City is being developed somewhat secretly. Everyone worldwide is welcome to participate in the development of IdeaFarm (tm) City. But to participate, you must serve as an "alpha tester" for an open source software application. Participating is the only way to learn about IdeaFarm (tm) City during its "secret" development.

To participate, you will need a personal computer running MS Windows and you will need IPv6 Internet access. For example, a Windows laptop tethered (connected via Wi-Fi) to a smartphone will likely work. To verify that your Windows computer has IPv6 connectivity, open a command prompt and run "ipconfig /all". Look for a line that begins with exactly just "IPv6 Address". For example, ignore any line that begins with "Link-local IPv6 Address"; that doesn't count!

If your Windows computer has IPv6 connectivity, and you want to learn more about IdeaFarm (tm) City, send an email to the address displayed below. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can participate and is welcome. Software craftwork expertise is not required. If you are familiar with Github and have an interest, your first step will be to "clone" a Github repository and build it. Otherwise, you will just receive two installation files via email along with instructions. The minimum requirement for participation is that you serve as an "alpha tester" by installing the open source application program onto at least one Windows personal computer so that it runs in the background.

IdeaFarm (tm) City development is only secret in the sense that there is no attempt to inform people who are not participating in its development. This is an open source project administered by Wo Of Ideafarm, a citizen of the United States of America and an alumnus of the University of Chicago. Development of IdeaFarm (tm) City proceeds transparently. Sending an email to the address below creates no obligation, and we will be happy to respond to any security or other concerns or other questions. Anyone who has a Windows personal computer can participate, and all participants are appreciated.

Send an email to: