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IdeaFarm (tm) University.

IdeaFarm (tm) University is an entity within IdeaFarm (tm) City, and accepts students who are citizens or residents of IdeaFarm (tm) City.

IdeaFarm (tm) University currently has only wo professor, the Governing Proprietor.

An individual tutorial program in political economics is offered, as well as an apprenticeship program in C++ language software craftwork using IPDOS (tm) IdeaFarm (tm) Piggyback Distributed Operating System.

Wo'O Ideafarm was educated in political economics at UCLA and at the University of Chicago, where he earned an A.M. in social science (political economics).

Wo'O Ideafarm can be said to hold a "Ph.D. Lite" from the economics department at the University of Chicago. He fulfilled all requirements for the Ph.D. other than obtaining approval for his thesis research plan, which he proceeded to complete anyway, years later. In particular, he was examined by the faculty for the fields of Finance (Ph.D. pass), Money and Banking (Ph.D. pass), and International Economic Relations (A.M. pass). His failure to obtain approval for his thesis research plan might have been due to academic politics; his research challenged the monetarist orthodoxy then prevailing in the economics department.

The key feature of Wo'O Ideafarm's economic teachings is that he combines the conventional idea of the "invisible hand" with what he calls the "invisible fist". The "invisible fist" can be thought of as the dark side of economic liberty, as an evil that arises because the human mind is, in essence, a "wet computer" that can be programmed by exposure to propoganda.

In his Ph.D. thesis, which he completed and still hopes to publish, he developed the idea that science can be done nonempirically by studying "artificial macrocosms" that can be used as "example and counterexample economies".