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IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle:

IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is software that can be installed on a laptop or other personal computer running MS Windows. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle runs as a "service", which means that it runs in the background and has no graphical or console user interface. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is the software infrastructure upon which IdeaFarm (tm) City is built. You can also use IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle to create IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree documents and web sites. (The IDEAFARM.COM website is published to a hard disk using IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, and then those local files are published, using IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, to the Internet via Rackspace Cloud Files.) IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is barterware, which means that users are licensed to use the software in exchange for allowing the software to make local computer resources, primarily storage, processing, and bandwidth, available to a global system. To install IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, install GitHub Desktop, clone the ideafarm/ipdos repository on Github, and follow the installation instructions that you will find there. (You can install IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle without building it, but you will have everything that you need to build it and then play with it.) For more information or to install IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, click: github.com/ideafarm/ipdos